Low converting funnels are not always about…

… The layout

… Or changing a button color

… Or hyping up the headline

…Or throwing more power words on the page

Even if you throw a few pieces of content out and hope that something sticks, leaving it up to your prospects to “figure it out” themselves

…. won’t give you a 200% conversion rate like it used to in 2007.

How to attract buyers who are smarter, jaded, and burnt-out from the same ol, same ol, offer…

And thanks to the evolution of social media, information and content are a dime a dozen.

To attract buyers, I help you architect the idea and create strategic sales copy at each step of the funnel to flush out your buyer’s desires, emotions, and logic.

Drawing them closer to the BIG idea behind your offer and keeping the emotional momentum up until they pull out their credit card & hit the buy button.

Because your ideal clients at each level in the funnel have their own biases and self-defeating indecision resistant thoughts which sales copy helps them over come. And knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it so your prospects like you, trust you, so they buy from you is more important than EVER!

And this is the magic in strategic BIG idea sales copy…

Here's how we make it happen together:

(A high level overview)


I dive deep into the depths of your offer and your audience. Wherever they hang out, I find what they're talking about and extract information that we can use in your funnel.


After climbing out of the depths of treasure hunting and finding solid-gold information about your product and audience, we design, create the idea, and map the buying drivers your prospects need.


Using the data we found (and even stealing a word or two directly from your prospects), we inject the strategic idea copy into each step of the funnel to pull your prospect 's desires, emotions, and logic closer to your offer.

Great client's I've worked with, said this...

What people are saying on "Social Media."


About Kevin (aka “why should I trust you?”)

I grew one gym into two gyms and ran them for 7 years, and during that time I also launched my own online program multiple times making 15-20k per launch... but along the way doing "everything" (leading a team of 18 employees, managing over 300 client’s expectations, and shareholders) was NOT my jam — I found my Zone of Genius kept pulling me towards working behind the scenes to — research, design, create and launch campaigns... It was a rush for me to learn something new, flex my creative muscles then watch how people react to the offers. If your Zone of Genius isn't about getting into the nitty-gritty work of… investigating, ideation, injecting copy then I am — your “Secret Weapon” working behind the scenes of your business while you continue to do what you do BEST!