Client Testimonials

... from sales copy packages for their course launch, webinar, and email funnels

Robbie - TrueCoach CMO (20-23% paid subscribers conversions!)

Robbie Jack, Chief Marketing Officer for the software company TrueCoach went from 12% conversions with their email funnel to over 20% conversions once I re-wrote it to align with what makes them unique.

This is over 20% conversions of free-trial users to paid!¬†They’re getting anywhere between 1,500 – 2,000 free trial users per month… so you do the math on how much money their making now with their email list! — check out the video on how we did it.

Gwen - Art Business Coach ($57k on her course launch!)

Gwen has been in the online space since 2012. She’s a successful art coach offline… but when it came to selling her stuff online that was a challenge.

She took all the courses from Ryan Levesque Ask Method, Amy Porterfield’s courses, Stu Mclearen, and even Todd Herman’s 90-day year because she thought it was about doing more to get her sales up online. But results were still marginal of what she was making online, and her list growth was small around a 900 person email list, growing 5 people PER MONTH Until we implemented the differentiation strategy into her funnel.

Dr. Alicia, ND - Got more call bookings from her webinar

Dr. Alicia is a naturopathic doctor who works with high performing women between the ages of 25-35. She is a BOSS closer when she can talk to her perfects clients on the phone.

But the challenge was getting more of her perfect clients to show up to her webinars AND book a call. So we dove into her unique levers and implemented them into her email funnels and increased all her numbers across the board.

Matt - Beyond Macros (Made $16k on his course launch + grew his list)

Matt got decent open rates before, and had experience writing copy. However he didn’t have time to dive deep into his product and do some emotional mining to improve his open rates even more!

So when we worked together we increased his open rates so we could prime his email list for his first product launch because the more people who open your emails… the more sales potential you have!

Mojo Moni - Went from 25% to 60% Conversions on her webinars

Monika was trying to troubleshoot her webinar funnel to get more clients to book a call with her. However her message was unclear in the funnel and her conversion rates were at a stand-still.

We implemented my system and part of it was checking email deliverability to make sure emails go to the inbox, then we sharpened her email funnel to get more specific to her audience. The result means more income from her webinar funnel!

Jerry 3x'd his open rates which brought in thousands of dollars in sales

Jerry was doing the typical eComm email marketing. Just continual direct sales and discounts, leading to lower open rates due to sounding the same as every other eComm store.

When we implemented an email sequence with more personality and hooked it into his products, he got more revenue out of his 20k list.