Just like how medical doctors have their different specialties, writing copy has their different focuses.

When working with start-ups who’s goal is to break-even right away, we can get caught up in thinking of a cool tagline that we can be proud of. OR sometimes the owner or health practitioner can get too tied to their own service they forget what the client can relate to in terms used, or what they really need.

Taglines, your clever phrases, and clinical terms are all apart of “Branding copy”

This type of copy is how you want your audience to perceive you, it’s your identity. It’s good for website copy and content, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do well when you try to sell something online.

The challenge of using brand copy to sell is online is attention. The more you make someone use brain power to figure out what you’re trying to say. The more you’re going to lose them, and they either click on the “x” on their browser or scroll past your Facebook post/Ad.

With modern day communication tools like texting, social media, and the instant messenger the American Marketing Association estimates we see between 4000 – 10,000 advertising messages a day compared to 500 – 1000 ads a day before social media.  Our attention is much tougher to get.

This is why it’s so important to not make your prospects think. S-P-E-L-L out the problem, struggles, and solutions for them.

Let’s take an example with books. If you ever tried to read old ancient books using their language like “Letters From A Stoic” by Seneca, you find you have to stop and think a lot or try to make sense of the philosophical analogies and relationships the author is making. Also back then… it’s how they spoke, and our words, phrases, and analogies have changed since 500 years ago.

What about reading a textbook, has it ever put your brain to sleep?

There’s a reason why most people avoid them. It’s full of clinical language and when you stumble on a medical term you’ve never seen before then what do you do?

You stop and look it up to educate yourself on it then go back to the text book.

Using branding copy is similar to this, people have to stop, think and look it up or educate themselves on you more.

In your feed you’ve most likely seen messages like these:

  • Lose weight in 30 days
  • Our program has the best coaches
  • Help tendonitis with the “xyz” cutting edge tool
  • “xyz” is a <insert catchy exercise program name>
  • Make “x” dollars with this one Facebook Trick

Either the message doesn’t resignate with you cause you have to think what they’re trying to say OR your bullshit meter or “seen that” before detector lights up and you scroll by like it wasn’t even there.

When you write your copy and messages understand what you’re trying to do. Branding copy takes time for your prospects to know you because you’re using your own language, taglines which you’ll need to explain through Educational Based Marketing.

Sales copy is being crystal clear and specific to relate to your prospects problems, desires, wants and needs. Spelling out their day-to-day frustrations, and even calling out a certain group if that’s your niche.

The more clear you can be in Sales Copy in how people talk every day the less they have to think, the more emotional draw you’ll have as they keep reading, and the more likely they’ll buy.

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