Coaches, trainers, and health professionals are a dime a dozen.

Sorry…to drop the bomb.

I know you went to school,  did your time on internships and paid lots of $$$ on conferences and workshops. BUT there’re  a TON of people like you. AND YES there are bad practitioners BUT they’re still in your industry trying to get your prospect’s attention.

Shouting the same thing or trying to sound smarter by using clinical words won’t talk to the people who desperately need your help.

Let’s take for example when you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, how many of these messages are you seeing?

  • Eat these “5” foods for a six-pack
  • 5  tips to improve your health
  • Get your bikini body in 30 days
  • Build massive arms with these 5 exercises
  • Work with expert coaches to stop yo-yo dieting

Are you making the mistake of copying these messages?

Fitness and Health entrepreneurs make the common mistake of saying the same thing they see OR being TOO clinical like a textbook or what you’ve heard in seminars which creates snoring messages catching crickets.

But you’re not alone. I’ve been there too in my business.

Talking about the benefits of functional exercise, and how it can increase your muscles by creating more motor recruitment. OR in nutrition going right into talking about insulin, glucagon, and cortisol in how it can help you lose fat. (I’m getting bored just typing it!)

The common trap health professionals get suckered into is using the language you’d use when you talking to another coach or health pro.

For example, ever been sick and go to your doctor, then you hear them talk to you about the diagnosis and mechanisms of the drug you’re going to take. Then wonder WTF they’re talking about using the long scientific name of that drug?

Every term they say goes right over your head and you just nod and smile.

When creating your marketing message in your shoes of a practitioner using big words, or the same boring words everyone else uses. The doctor example is what happens to your potential prospect.

They scroll by because the message goes over their head OR it’s something they’ve seen before.

But wait…am I saying that you need to say something wild, hypey and out of this world? Absolutely not!

Two Critical Considerations When Writing Your Marketing Message (Copy)

Your Unique Mechanism

When you get someone to stop a moment and read your message is because you talk about something unique that speaks to them. You said something that gives your prospect “hope” that this time, this unique method is what I’m missing to help me!

This concept in your message is called the “Unique Mechanism”

The unique mechanism is something you do in your service or have in your product that’s different from others in your industry.

It can be as simple as

  • You send gift baskets to keep client’s motivated they hit milestone goal
  • You work with specific hormones that help them solve “x”
  • You pro-actively follow-up with your patients
  • You have a system to get them to log what you told them to do
  • You have an assessment that lasers in on sources of problems

The unique mechanism is what makes you unique, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s what separates your headline or copy from everything everyone else keeps seeing online and in fitness magazines ALL the time!

Everyone has something different, down to the smallest detail. That’s what you want to talk about in your message to rise above boring messages.

Get Specific In Everyday People Language

It’s important to remember you’re like an actor stepping out of your own head and into your clients.

Your potential prospects don’t use language like:

  • You have a tight Psoas
  • We have to mobilize and stimulate glucagon
  • We use functional exercise to get you stronger

Your clients use words like; I have lower back pain, I can’t lose fat, I don’t get sore from exercise.

The more you can drill below layers of the clinical terms to the everyday language you become more specific. Then when they see your message they get it!

You immediately build a relationship because they get that YOU get it! And the Unique mechanism is the hope that you can solve their problem.

When writing your next email campaign, Facebook AD, or brochure keeping these 2 in mind will help you rise above a saturated market!

**NOTE: I’m assuming that you’re in the health industry cause you genuinely care, never say something that you don’t do or make false promises.

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