Have you put out a Facebook AD or sent an email to the world to tell them about the AMAZING results you got from your clients? Or the AMAZING service you’re selling… only to get no engagement, no customers, and no opens on your emails?

Then the next time someone asks you about it your conclusion is:

  • It doesn’t work
  • There are too many people that beat me too it

This is a feeling you might have if you forget to do what most health entrepreneurs miss.

Online marketing has changed the game of business. Before with just billboards, newspapers, radio and commercials we might see and hear between 100-500 advertising messages per day. TODAY with online marketing we’re seeing 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day.

You and your customers are filtering all those messages, ignoring the ones that don’t matter to them. AND you’ve probably conditioned yourself not to have it register at all!

This has made the fundamentals of marketing more critical because technology can change, but our psychology hasn’t. This means you’ll have to get your hands dirty, and dive deep into the unmet needs that your perfect client is trying to solve, the thoughts that go through their heads, and the daily frustrations they deal with living with their problem.

The Un-Sexy Tactics For Sexy Results

The internet is littered with tactics, like the one thing that made me $20k in one month. If you’re an entrepreneur then, of course, that shiny object would drive you into it. BUT we end up wasting thousands of dollars and more importantly TIME! to learn and implement these tactics that can change next year.

Whether your in fitness, wellness, supplements or general health doing this exercise is a principle and strategy and these don’t die out like tactics.

This exercise isn’t sexy, like squatting with 400# on a barbell, or learning the latest technique or hormone if you’re a nutritionist/functional medicine doctor.

It’s basic like doing single leg exercises with dumbbells or coaching someone to increase their vegetable intake. However, if you miss this fundamental step you’re throwing away your money on Facebook ADs and time you wasted writing the message.

Before writing any advertising message, or email doing a brainstorm session on your Avatar (also known as Persona) is the difference with an AD that generates leads and an AD generates crickets.

This exercise is the gritty work that everyone misses, and it doesn’t matter how elegant of words you use if it doesn’t talk to your Avatar (or buyer’s persona). If it doesn’t speak to them, they’ll ignore it.

Getting your hands dirty by creating your Avatar allows you to:

  • Immediately relate to them that you can fix their pain
  • Show that you’re on their side
  • Build an immediate relationship through empathy
  • Find out who they follow and where they hang out
  • What conversation is going on in their head, but they don’t want to say it

With the internet and how information is readily available people can get the solutions to their problems on the internet. What they buy is the relationship with you. When you show them you’re on their side, they find out more about how you can help them. And how you guide them through the process of going from the problem they have now to the happiness they feel when the problem is fixed.

This exercise captures their attention cause you know where they’re at, and makes them want to learn more about you and how you can help guide them through the process to the “after” state.

The Avatar Trap

It’s important when doing this exercise is to get out of your own beliefs, and shoes. We have to remember YOU ARE NOT your customer. This exercise is like acting; you need to remove yourself from yourself and become your perfect client.

Start diving deep into answering these questions in your client’s shoes.

  • Give your avatar a name to make it real
  • Write down what they “Think & Feel” on a day-to-day basis that they don’t tell others
  • Write down what they “Say & Do” what’s the lingo and every day language they use?
  • Write down what they are hearing “What are others saying to them about the problem or solutions?”
  • Write down the their “Pains.”
  • Write down what they will “Gain” working with you
  • Write down the “Day-to-day frustrations” when living with the problem

When answering these questions the more specific, you get, the better, because your message will capture their attention and they’ll stop and say “Hey, that’s me.”

You will have to do a 2-3 to capture the different types of people, male, female or profession. Once you compelted this, the next time you write your AD copy, have the sheet beside you and pretend that you’re writing to this person like you’re having a conversation.

These are the fundamentals that don’t come and go, because people will always “think and feel” and have a “pain” they need solving. You just need to talk directly to these people.


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